Happily Ever After

There is no harbour in Winter’s embrace

only icy cold limbs 

reaching toward bleak skies

as tears tumble free of frozen hearts.

Razor sharp words

ripping through delicate flesh

tearing apart 

what was cherished as truth. 

Blindly streaming through life

aware only of self and soul

caring naught for those in the way

their torment so mundane,

so tiring. 

A queen lost in a maze of sorrow

her king amnesiac,

memories lost

and the demon who laughs at their pain

as she gathers the threads of their story.

Stealing love and life

compelling them to live this tragedy

over and over

chortling with glee at her deed.

There will be a moment

when Spring will arrive

chasing the pain and fear below

bringing forth hope and calm.

When love is rediscovered,

rejoiced upon.

When memories are found

and lovers come together 

gently bound with fate’s desire.

Hearts have thawed 

tears flow no more

gentle embraces 

and stolen kisses.

The Queen has found her King

and happily ever after. 

©Jay-lyn Doerksen

Oct. 27/17

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