Silly Kitties

***Thomas is the black and white and Lucky is the extremely fluffy one.

These are my lovlies. Thomas is a 3ish year old male who adopted Tember and me. Lucky is 11ish year old female who is the last baby that my cat Patches ever had. I love and adore them both but they certainly can be weirdos.

I have read a lot about how animals are good for depression. That when you are not doing well they can sense that and come to cuddle. Well Lucky does that all day long. Thomas only at night.

I cried last week when I started to think back to how long this depressive cycle has been going on. If I was a little more aware, maybe I would have noticed sooner that Lucky had begun to be really invasive. I am talking about the second I sit down, she is next to me. Within 5-10 minutes she is snuggled into my lap purring. Thomas choosing to abandon his end of the couch arm to come and sit on mine. His head next to mine as he purrs.

Lucky also has taken to following me everywhere. I tripped and almost fell coming out of the bathroom with a load of towels in my arm because I did not know she had decided to stretch right out in front of the door. I ended up with two scratches where she dug her claws in and ripped as though I was some large prey she needed to bring down.

Thomas has a different way of showing his love for me. He likes to head butt and try to fall on me. That is right, he walks up on the couch arm rest, looks at me and head butts me and than collapses. Not sure if this is the cat version of playing dead or not, but I often try to catch him or he will roll right off to the floor.

Now, they also know when they are going to die. That is right, if not fed on a 4 hour guideline (8 hours human time) they sit next to their bowls or at my feet and cry. Thomas, he scratches the door where the food use to be kept. Lucky is so patient and just sits there prettily staring at me until I cave.

Last but not least, is their middle of the night routine. Which I am sure is an expression of love and not some weird cat ceremony sacrificing me to the great Cat in the sandbox.

Approximately 3:30 a.m. (every night) Lucky comes strolling up next to me. She finds which way my face is facing and plops herself down, her paws on my arm. I awaken a little, mutter about hair in the face and shift a bit. The purring begins and I start to head back to dreamland. That is when Lucky begins to lick the tip of my nose and face. She cleans my face like I am a kitten and not her human 100x her size. And if I try to move, she digs her claws into my arm as though to remind me that she is in charge. Of course she is, it is bloody 3:30 a.m.!!!!!!

Thomas at least is a little more considerate. He waits until the clock is after the 5 a.m. mark. Usually about 5:15 or so. I stir and he is suddenly walking around my head, head butting me. I grumble and will push him off the pillow and try to snuggle down. But it gets to hot under the comforter so I have to surface for air and that is when he makes his move.

Standing on my hair, he collapses, covering my face with his body. I have tried to explain many a time that he could really suffocate me that way, but Thomas chooses to ignore me. Than he stands up and proceeds to walk on my hair some more, starts rubbing against me and than climbs the mountain. Pillow and hip before he heads back and head butts me again.

This morning, I was awakened exactly this way. And although I might grouse and grumble I would be much worse off without my two fur babies. When I cry, Lucky is right there, on my lap, sitting on my arm, purring and staring at me. Thomas (kinda like any male) looks at me helplessly until they taper off and than he snuggles up to me.

They keep me sane when I feel like going off the rails, and they love me because I feed and pet them. 🙂

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