Not a Politician

I walked over to the post box today hoping that the last piece that I needed for my income tax would be there. It was not. However there was a a single sheet of paper. At the top of which on one side was the headline as above. The rest of it is at the bottom of this post. I looked it over and on the backside I was encouraged to vote. My choices were Yes, No, Unsure with the question being should government be allowed to make this change.
Now I will be the first to admit that I know very little about the government. I have never voted. It is not that I am not interested because I am. However, I have absolutely no idea what each party is trying to do. How are they going to help the people of Canada? How are they going to pay down our debt? What are their environmental policies? How can we continue to provide services to seniors, veterans, children when so many are being cut? These are the things that impact me. These are the  questions that I want answers to. Instead what I get is a lot of hoopla about what the other party did not do.
I do not care at all what the party did not do. I am only interested in what they have done. Have they at the very least fulfilled some of the platform that they ran on? And what is their plan to continue forward with an eye to a bigger and brighter future. Slandering them and fear mongering is what happens though. And no one is immune.
It usually starts small. A little ad in the paper. Than you begin to hear ads on the radio. And finally they make an appearance on television. It is another election year. Your vote matters. Everyone needs to vote for a better tomorrow. However before that even begins there are usually small starts to the smear campaigns. And again, I cannot reiterate this enough, I do not want to hear about how rotten the other party is. I want to hear your platform.
You must understand, I want to make an informed decision. I want to be able to compare apples to apples. But to do so I need concise information that explains in detail what you are going to do for Canadians. Your platform. Let me make my decisions logically, not because of tearing people down.
I have always felt very passionate about this. Actually my brother and me have both joked about running for parliment. On what platform? Cutting the salaries that the politicians are getting. Taking a good look at where the expenses are horrendous. And in finding said funds, being able to pay down the national debt, funding services that have been cut as unessential. Beyond that neither one of us has really got a plan.
Out of curiosity I decided that I would look up how much our Members of Parliment and Prime Minister make. The article I am getting my numbers from was written by Amy Minsky National Online Journalist Global News. Originally published online at April 27/17.
Prime Minister-$345,400.00
Members of Parliment-$172,700.00
These are base salaries. Now as I read further along, it comes out that they are going to receive salaries beyond the base as compensation for addition roles and duties. This is a direct line from Ms. Minsky’s article. 
Prime Minister: $345,400.00
Members of Parliment: $255,300.00
Well now. As I am looking at these numbers I am a little stupified. The Prime MInister recieves $690,800.00 per year. Which when divided by 12 months means he is taking home $57,566.66 per month. Members of Parliment  receive $428,000 per year. Again divide that by 12 months and they are taking home $35,666.66 a month. I know that there are taxes that need to be taken off. Do they pay into the Canadian Pension Plan and Unemployment as well? I am sure that they donate some of it. But what the heck do they need the rest for?
I was thinking that oh yes, they have purchases for work that they will have to pay out of pocket for. That would most likely take up a bit of money. But wait, again curiosity got the better of me and I googled what do M.P.’s have to pay out of pocket and are they reimbursed? Short answer yes.
Oh wait though, they have to pay for their campaigns so they must be…… matter how I look at it I cannot justify a salary like this.
Yes they are running the country. Well? I don’t know. But I am thinking that much like in a company where an evaluation of the employees determine a raise should be introduced into Parliment. They give themselves raises and the people of Canada are not even given the chance to voice their opinion. I mean we are paying their salary, why should they not be accountable to the country?
The average Canadian does not make that amount of money per month. There are a lot of people out there who can survive and have had to survive on nothing. We live in a country where approximately 1.2 million children live in poverty. 1.2 million children. Can you imagine if they had salaries that were comprehensible to the average Canadian, how much more money would be freed up to be put back into Canada and the services that continue to be cut due to lack of funding.
I have to apologize. I am sure that what I have written is incoherent and sounds like the ravings of a mad woman. I wanted to discuss how we were to make informed decisions in regards to issues that are relevant to us, the people of Canada. Instead, I wandered off into a discussion of money.
And again, I am not political. I would like to be. And looking at those salaries I am thinking that it is time that everyone starts to pay attention.
Back to the little flyer I received. I voted unsure. And in the comments stated ‘Given the fact that there was nothing here to tell me what changes exactly the Liberal party is planning to make to the Summer Job Funding program, I am unable to make an informed decision. All this is is a scare tactic.’
It is a small victory. Nothing will come of it, but at least I have finally done it instead of only talking about it.

Little Asshole

T came back from his dad’s yesterday evening. 8:23 p.m. Good thing I had gone up to unlock the door already otherwise T would have bounced off it and the banging would begin. He sounds like a herd of elephants passing by when he bangs on that door.
It started off innocently enough. We were chatting. I asked if he had had a good time with his dad and what had they done. What did he have for dinner. Those types of things. He was sitting next to me when I received a pop up notification that I had received a message on Skype. And T caught the name on the notification. And the interrogation begins.
T was 7 when the implosion of my marriage happend. I was not nice. I was not brave enough nor strong enough to tell the Ex that I wanted out of the marriage and to hold firm on it. Instead in my warped way of thinking, I decided I had to do something that would make him hate me. Hating me would mean that he would let go. It was not the smartest nor the right way to do things. I have apologized to him. However T is beginning to ask questions. I am not sure what the Ex has all told him so I am hedging things as he does not need to know the adult issues.
Yesterday T got a little belligerent as he was talking to me. I was trying to explain that no the way that I had ended our marriage had not been the right way. That I no longer loved his dad. That we were both by far happier apart than together. T shut me down after a bit which I was fine with. He was not being his usual self. He was irritable and mouthy. When he went to bed he demanded that I waken him at 5:45 so he could shower. I explained that that was not going to happen as 5-6 a.m. is my time to exercise and get myself ready for the day.
I woke at 4:50 this morning. Than laid there for the full 10 minutes until my alarm went off. I did not want to get up this morning. I am still suffering from the hour jump ahead that occured on the weekend. Pushed myself out of bed and made it! That is right I made my bed as soon as I got out of it. I am sure that mom is having a chuckle right now as she has been trying to get me to make my bed since I was 6. Bathroom. Brush teeth. Read my dream affirmation on the mirror. Stand there with the toothbrush in my hand pointing it at my reflection, specks of toothpaste in the corner of my mouth and hitting the mirror as I say my own affirmations.
Worked out. Worked up a sweat which really pleases me. It means that I am doing the right things. Also I can tell I am getting stronger. Sent the girls their good morning gifs. I was rocking my morning. And it was not even 6 a.m. yet.
After my shower I went in and woke T up. 6 a.m. on the nose as we had discussed the night before when he went to bed. Well I am not sure what happened but the beast that appeared last week, the one that I said was becoming rare, had returned once more. Standing in front of his closet, kicking the box, slamming the hangers around. He cannot find his pants. It was my fault as I had hung them up. I personally was flabbergasted because I knew that we had hung 4 pairs of sweats up last week. He had been for a sleepover all weekend and picked up on Sunday so  he had the same bloody clothes on.
I got frustrated. I did not yell but my voice did become a little louder. I walked into the room and looked behind the jacket and low and behold what do I find? But the 2 hangers holding a total of four pairs of sweats. Now I am frustrated. T has been telling me off because I did not wake him up when he wanted to get up. He had no clothing. I stomped into the bathroom and turned the shower off. Told him that he could turn his own shower on and I was not talking to him any longer. I closed my bedroom door and took several deep breaths.
After showering he was still in a foul mood. Water was discovered all over the bathroom floor which I wanted cleaned up. T got more mouthy and I snapped. No Youtube. What was wrong with him? I was not going to put up with this attitude. All I wanted was for him to realize that the shower curtain needs to be tucked into the bathtub so water does not get on the floor. Take responsibility and please clean the water up.
When I came out from cleaning the water up I was still stewing. T was sitting on the couch and he was crying. I stood looking at him trying to fathom what was going on. I even kept asking over and over what the problem was. T told me at one point that I was yelling. I explained that I was not yelling that I was speaking sternly to him. That there were repercussions for his acting this way. He looked at me and told me that I was ruining his happiness.
This was not my boy. This was not the child who left here on Sunday. I sat on the floor and wiped the tears from his eyes. I told him that I was not responsible for his happiness. That yes there were things that I could do to help him, but he had to find his own happiness. I could not do that for him. It took me how many years to realize true happiness. I am talking about the happiness that imbibes your days with good thoughts and feelings. Where you can see the good rather than the bad. I told T that he needed to learn this now because I did not want him to be 45 years old before he found his true happiness.
As I was explaining this to him I was crying as well. My heart hurts because I know that T is hurting. I know that this acting out has something to do with the passed two days of his not being with me. I forgot you see, how T is when exposed to his dad for an extended time period. I do not want to be one of those ex’s who tears the father of their child down but I am so frustrated. I would love though to be a fly on the wall when T was there so I could see and hear what was going on. Because I have to tell you, having the beast return is not a fun thing.
Despite all signs to the contrary, with tears in my eyes, I told T that I was happy. That we had a life together. A routine. I want him to be happy.
Now he is sitting on the couch watching t.v.  I know. I said no Youtube and yet here we are. I also know that when T acts like this that it is not me. This is not an indication that I am doing anything wrong. I am not failing as a parent.
T and me have been talking. And he tells me about all the plans that he and his dad have for the summer. The Ex also text to let me know he was off Friday so he would take T. An extra day together. Today T informs me that his friend is coming over Friday. I became a little annoyed. I did what I should not have done. I said that I had thought that the reason his dad was taking Friday off was to spend extra time with T. I was assured that they would be.
I need to prepare myself now. As I was typing this I suddenly realized what was going on. T had expectations/ideas of what spending the time with his dad would mean. More time hanging out together. Reality is something very different. So when T comes back to me he is billigerant  and upset because things have not gone to plan. Hmmmmmm I wonder where that trait comes from. And than we have to have a melt down. It is almost as though T is pushing my buttons to see if he can set me off. Wonder if he thinks that if I get angry that it means I care more?
At 9 T is begining to understand that there are disappointments that occur in life. Things are not always going to be the same all the time. But there is a time when things do need to be the same all the time, to be consistent, and that is being there for your child. For standing next to them even when they do not want you to. It took me a long time to realize that as well. Lately I have been having flashbacks to when I was drinking and how I treated T. I am going to have to deal with that eventually.
What I do for now, is provide him with the consitency that he craves. I will follow through when I tell him that we are going to do something or go somewhere. I will be his mom. Not his friend, his mom. We have time enough to be friends when he is older. For now he needs a mom to love and guide him. To provide boundaries while still allowing him to grow and learn. And to call him out when he acts like a little asshole. 😉