Shit Happens

I stumbled across this blog a few months back and loved it. It has some adult only content and discusses things that tend to only relate to women. Today she posted a new blog that fits with my own new perspective. How all it takes is a shift in thinking and counting your blessing for bad to go to good.

Misadventures at 30 something

Wow. What a shit week this has been. Fuck, it’s only Tuesday. Migraine from hell since yesterday afternoon. Busy work schedule. And a crazy household to attend to.

Tonight, my eldest is stressing me over getting a car. She just got her license a week and a half ago. Then, before bed time, my youngest broke their TV. It was an accident and I really kept my cool. I’ve learned not to sweat shit like that.

It gave me time to sit with him and calmly explain how it could have been avoided and that it would be months before I could afford a new one. We had a nice chat about how accidents happen and I am not mad. I wouldn’t beat him over an accident. He clearly had no malicious intent.

It also gave me the opportunity to explain to my older son why he shouldn’t yell at…

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All about the Cats

Just so you guys know, I did not slack today and went for a wonderful walk. It was sunny, a little cool until I started to do my brisk walk around the park. I did not make sure that my camera on the phone had been switched to forward facing and with the sun I could not determine if it had been or not. So I went on a wing and a prayer taking some photos that I thought were cool. Than we got home. I opened the gallery to play around with these wonderful shots only to discover that all the photos were of my forehead. Yep, my forehead. Nothing special or great about it other than it is a big forehead and close ups in pictures reveal it to not be right for my photos. So I decided I would share my pics of the cats. Lucky is the grey fluffy one and Thomas is the one peering over my shoulder in the above picture.

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