Youth vs. Gun Rights: Checks and Balances By Jacob J. Gamet

His arguments are concise and make absolute sense to me. Please take the time to read if you like.

Inmate Blogger

In the Washington State Department of Corrections (DOC), we have what you call Extended Family Visits (EFV’s). DOC 590.100. Prisoners who qualify for EFV’s are allowed to spend 1 to 2 days in an “on grounds” trailer visit with his immediate family members. In order to maintain his EFV privilege, a prisoner must submit to routine strip searches and urine analyses (UA’s) before and after his trailer visits.

For security purposes (introduction of weapons, drugs, etc.), DOC highly scrutinizes offenders who come into direct contact with their family members. Strip searches and UA’s are just two of many security measures taken to ensure the prison’s integrity isn’t compromised. For just because a prisoner passes one strip search and UA without issue doesn’t mean he’ll pass the next.

Each strip search and UA, among other things, is conducted as a checks and balance. First, it checks prisoners for contraband and their…

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