Quote Challenge-Day 2

Again, thank you to Grateful Single Moms for the nomination. I find that her blog resonates with me all the time. I easily relate to her material (save for when she is complaining about how cold things get down in Fl-lol) and have been inspired by her.

Today’s quote is again one that I have posted in my home. It is on the mirror in the bathroom so that every time I go in there I see it. And remind myself that I can reach for and accomplish my dreams. 20180312_110649761392783.jpg

I spent a long time thinking that my dream of writing was dead. That it was a footnote in my history. Yet I find that it is not, it merely went dormant for a time period during which I have accumulated ideas and experiences to write from. Never give up on your dreams.

Today I nominate the following three bloggers and hope that they will accept the challenge. I look forward to seeing what they find inspires them.

Kristen Ruchalski

Strawberry Travels

Claire S



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