Quote Day 1


Thank you to Kranti over at Sparklingthoughts for nominating me for the 3 day quote challenge.

I chose this quote because recently when I had a bad day, I was talking to a friend about it and she reminded me that once the day was done, and I awoke the next morning, it was a totally brand new day. I got to begin all over again. And she was right.

Not only that but Gone with the Wind is absolutely one of my favorite books and I loved the movie. Vivien Leigh though a British actress had an amazing southern accent.

I love when at the end of the movie, bereft of husband and child, Scarlett still is able to see that it is not the end of the world. There is always another chance when the sun rises the next day.

There is always going to be another tomorrow.

Broken Silence -Saturday Mix – Double Take, 14 April 2018

This poem is brutal in its imagery. The writer made me cry with her words. It is well done.


stop-1131143_640I am not dead I am a survivor it's difficult to forget what you did to me because every day I carry the pain! You tied my hand and ripped my pants I begged and pleaded but you never listened you unzipped me so harsh, did I bleed. You forced yourself and once you were done the process repeats again with your friend It hurts like a hell each time you did to me! I screamed to stop but you sadistically laughed. You bite my boobs till my nipples bleed I wonder how did your mom breastfeed! I was there for hours lying motionless, bleeding with pain, I could barely walk or hardly talk. I was brutally raped again and again. Excruciating pain the sheet blood stained I feel numb I feel like a shell I am still alive But a walking dead! Five years passed I see his face…

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