Do you see these two?

With eyes that glow in the dark

do not be fooled

they are not as cute as you think they are.

Do you smell the poo?

Well can you?

Who would ever guess

in a million years

that something so small

so furry

would make that god awful stench?

They look at me and wait

knowing that I will gag upon my fate

with scoop in hand

and mask upon my face

I excavate the offending poop

while they wait.



Mystery Blogger Award

My thanks goes out to A Guy Called Bloke for nominating me for another award. If you have not yet checked out his blog you do not know what you are missing. Now get on over and read his blog.

So? What is the Mystery Award?

“Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging; and they do it with so much love and passion.
– Okoto Enigma 

The Rules!

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Three Things About Me:

I cry very easily. I am empathetic and feel what others feel. I just do not mention it often because than people are afraid to talk to me/tell me what is going on.

I am a Sexual Abuse Survivor.

My mom is my hero. And my little brother (not so little at 6’2″?) he ain’t all that bad either. They are the people that I instinctively reach out to although lately I have pulled back so as not to worry them. They have their own lives to lead.

My Questions for the Nominees!

How DO YOU fold a fitted sheet?  I don’t. Last summer at the lake as mom did the last load, it had a fitted sheet. She pulled it out and informed me that she needed my help. I grabbed it, squished it into a small ball and threw it on top of the basket. ‘I do not do fitted sheets.’ I stated in my imperious voice. Mom now also does not do fitted sheets.

What is REALLY meant by the phrase ‘Love is in the air?’
I imagine it has something to do with pheremones but I really do not know.
What was the wierdest, strangest and most mysterious phone call you ever took or made? 
I once had a phone call in which I thought it was my significant other on the other end of the phone. It was a rather sexy call until it took a weird turn and I realized I was talking to a pervert!
This is a real mystery – would you rather be ugly as sin and live forever or look as attractively sexy as was possible, but die in a year?
Ugly as sin and live forever. Someone will eventually find me beautiful.
Ok, ok, here’s the cliff hanger – you are offered £$/100,000 to eat a bowl of mixed bugs – you know crunchy mealworms, slimey earthworms, buzzing crickets, wrinkly woodlice and moist maggots and the list goes on – would you eat it and be richer or not?
At no point do you say that I have to eat them and keep them down. So yes, I would eat them.

Beautiful Truth

I have spent all day trying to come up with a poem for today’s daily prompt. And yet nothing would form. I was actually a little afraid that I was going to fail in doing the prompt every day this month and let down Confessions of an Irish Procrastinator. And given that she was able to put one out today the pressure is on. 😦 (For all who have been following me and wondering about the smiley faces it is the only one I can figure out on my notebook. Appears I might have the frowny face down now. Everything else I need through my phone and yeah…….)

Okay so I thought long and hard about this one. And it turns out that what I am about to write is intensely personal.

For the longest time, my vision of myself has been skewed. I had this voice, this tape in my head that told me 1) the only reason that men would be interested in me had to do with my sexuality 2) that I totally failed at everything I did.

I ran so hard and so fast from that voice.  I took pills, I drank a lot of alcohol to silence that voice but the damage was done.

This year, when I fell down and went Kaboom! I finally was able to see. I saw that the voice I was hearing, it was full of bullshit. I am a smart, independent, confident woman. I do not need to use my sexuality to entice men. I do not need to use my body to make them like me. My brain is more than enough to draw them in.

As well, I do not in any way fail at the things I do. I am pretty darn good at what I set my mind to. I can walk the walk and hell baby I can talk the talk. I will make you twist and shout!

The vision that I had of myself has been so very very wrong. I was a crippled version, bent over beneath angry words, and abusive behavior that screwed up the way that I saw myself, saw the world and how I was to interact within it.

Now, there are no images, there are no angry voices, there is no one but me living within my head. And I tell myself I am a good woman. I am a good mother. I am a good friend. The vision that I have of me, and the woman I want to be, is no longer skewed, but a beautiful truth.


Positivity….Alive and well

I recently started to follow her…. The Haunted Wordsmith. Have been loving her posts (in a non-stalker way) so please go on over and check her out. She is having some difficulties with some of her posts being jealous of other posts getting more love. Please spread the love all around.

The rules are simple:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days.
  3. Nominate three bloggers each day.


This is a huge one for me. I have not always been a positive person.

I am unable to explain why that is. I have striven to make everything right and I guess the more I tried for that and fell short, the more that voice in my head told me how much of an idiot I was.

I no longer am like that. I see positives everywhere I look. When someone tells me something negative, I now turn it around and point out the positive. It is a mindset. And I have changed my mindset.

Positivity.  It has changed my life. And I will not ever go back to the negative Nelly I once was.


Not a Beautiful Life!

Animal testing is wrong. There is no other way to put it. There is no soft sell to make it palatable. Animal cruelty is disgusting. T

A Guy Called Bloke


Not a Beautiful Life!

“If you don’t like pictures of animal cruelty being posted on social media, you need to help stop the cruelty, not the pictures. You should be bothered that it’s happening, not that you saw it.”
Marie Sarantakis

Crippling – Blinding – Poisoning –Shaving – Burning – Infection

These are ACTS of CRUELTY, TORTURE and MUTILATION nothing BEAUTIFUL about them!

I could write thousands of words for this post, l won’t, l will leave you with the words of others.

Fewer is better…


“To a man whose mind is free there is something even more intolerable in the sufferings of animals than in the sufferings of man. For with the latter it is at least admitted that suffering is evil and that the man who causes it is a criminal. But thousands of animals are uselessly butchered every day without a shadow of remorse. If any…

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