Red Carpet

Photo by Demetrius Washington on Unsplash

Like the Emperor

lacking in any clothes

in any wit

he prances

and preens upon the world stage.

Loud and crass

wearing diamond blasts

thinking all will play his game.

He struts upon the carpet red

never noticing the stains or tears.

He sits upon the dais

looking up in wonder at those….

those he has spurned

those he has slighted

those who eat on gold

who drink from goblets of sterling silver

never realizing how they laugh at this toad.



Feline Katz Interviews 1 – Lucky & Thomas

Lucky and Thomas were interviewed and are acting like quite the little starlets now. If you would like to know how they view our home life please continue to read on. 🙂

A Guy Called Bloke



Feline Katz Interviews

Feline Katz Questionnaire

A] Personal Details

Your Names?

“Lucky & Thomas.”

Your 2 Leggeds Names?

“Mom (Jay-lyn) Little One (Tember).”

Are you a specific feline breed or just your ordinary Moggie?

“We are of the Royal Bloodlines of the Oddball Catsvandergarden.”

How old Are You?

“Lucky-I am 11.” “Thomas-I am 4.”

Do you run your household? If yes ….. how?

“Of course we do. When we lay on Mom or the little one they dare not move. All it takes is a whine and our food bowls are refilled. Unless it is Mom she always says ‘Just because you can see the bottom of the bowl does not mean you need to have it recovered.'”

Do you live in the house, or outside or ‘Meh’ “I live where l want!”

“We live indoors.”

Where abouts in the world do you live?


“Steinbach, Manitoba Canada.”

B] Exercise/Play Time/Adventuring

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