Tempt not the Reaper

A tale told
round a burning fire
of times when the Reaper
walked amongst men and fields.
He silently stalked
men of daring do
walking on the wild side
never a fear.
Men who played the blades
with more lives than a cat
always landing on their feet;
it was them he hated
as they slipped through his grasp.
Each danced with a sword
while the Reaper stood near
his scythe held ready
his hourglass turned.
He waited for one to die.
The next.
The next.
Tempt not the Reaper 
for a calling he will come
at a time most unseen
and the one that last run
will finally be freed. 
©Jay-lyn Doerksen
June 2/18


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They met in the seediest of places

where no one could bother their game

as they flip the coin of life

to see who the winner is.

With tequila in hand

and several shots down

they recount the last year

and the deeds that they found.

A catalogue :

One full of sins





One full of virtues





With each story told

the tally became clear

once more it would be a tie.

With clasped hands

they shook good night

bade each other farewell

until the next year.

Stories will once more be told

good and evil

a balance always…….

for where one sins

one repents.

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Lies drip from your lips

believed as the truth

unable to see

the devious nature of yourself.




Satin shackles hold you in place

not able to see

you have the ability to be free.

Pull against the bonds of the past

see that the future is hazy

what is realized cannot be unsaid

now is all that exists.