Poem About Depression

So very well put. Made my heart ache as I was there at the beginning of the year and the emotions and feelings can still be a little raw.

Mental Health Advocate

They say it gets better with time

But I’ve been here for 18 years

They say just suck it up

But they dont know theres nothing left to pick up

They say it’s just a phase,

But I tell them im not the mother fucking moon.

They say I’ll heal,

But I’m not a cut bleeding from the skin,

I’m a heart shattered

A mind clattered

Force stopping and battered

They say just pushforward

But its hard when there’s a train pulling you backwards.

A time machine making you revisit the past

The past you tried so hard to burry

The past you threw into the ocean with a brick,

But that brick turned into a balloon

And floated right back into my life.

They say that i’m making it up

Even though their words hit me like a truck

They don’t know the pain i feel

The pain i…

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I will…..

Standing atop the mountain
staring down
above clouds skitter across the sky
a fall that could mean death
unless I trust I can soar.
My tongue is swollen
words I wish to say
locked in
my throat closes
leaving me breathless.
My heart hammers
against my ribs
a hand
reaching within
ripping it without.
Fall too fast
fall too far
always told to not be rash
to bide my time
to furl in my desires
all will come eventually.
Leaping before I look
before I gauge the situation
trusting myself.
I will fly.
I will fall.
I will be caught.
I will find my truth.
It is out there
waiting on me.
Sept. 7/18
Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash