Never Part (A Love Poem)

Knees hit the ground
a prayer of supplication
not to the god above
but to the god of lust.
Hands wrap around curves
pulling near a body close
heat building
time remains
neither know how to part.
A singular grin
a sappy smile
that look
that glance
the one that says
you are mine
flashes between the two
making everyone around
ghosts dancing within their future.
Heat binds
as they grind
no one else matters
they have moved beyond
unable to see the sparks flare.
Time slows
each minute an hour
each second a minute
lost within the other’s embrace
eyes fastened
lips tasting
fear falls to the wayside.
No longer wishing to run
to flee
to vanish
their only desire
to never part.
Oct. 11/18
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