Lady Death

Bang bang
you’re dead
don’t make me
put this gun to your head.
Don’t make me count the bullets
don’t make me come at all
silly bitch
stupid man
did you think I would forget?
Dancing a dance
measured in wicked lies
afraid to ask me
jump to conclusions
never mind.
Better be careful
I stalk the alleys
moving among the shadows
you are my prey
I, the deadly hunter.
Grim Reaper
Lady of Death
I run by many names.
You shall never know
how the gore flows
lust that I feel
to take your neck
between my jaws
violent spray of arterial blood
do not watch me gnaw.
I am horror
I am fear
I am the bitch come riding
best fall to your knees.
Oct. 15/18
Photo by David Taffet on Unsplash


HIgh upon the mountain top
in a pasture so green
was born a child
who would go on to destroy
all because he could.
Brought up under blue skies
giant trees
sparkling water ways
he was a happy child
until there came a turn.
Mother shot down
child stolen away
no one came looking
so they began to play.
histories all
served to teach him
what had happened
what was happening
what he would be able to do.
Came the day
he was raised so high
his head began to swell
his sureness
his cruelty
uncurtained before the city.
He strutted
smiled at all the ladies there
until that stupid bitch stood up
‘He has nothing there.’
She pointed at his empty head
his heart
his soul
and finally
his pants.
Though sentenced to death
for daring to deny
she still won
using words to prick
a small man
making him come undone.
Oct. 15/18
Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash
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