Stood upon the bridge
family at one end
life at the other
what do I do
or run for it.
No one thought I would do it
needing to make them pay
I lit the match
threw it over my shoulder
walking away
as that bridge burned.
No longer will I be the weak one
no longer will I play
this game that you devised
when I was just a child
warping me in so many ways.
Gotta admit
you never knew
blinders you wore
making you blinkered.
To this day
you refuse to see
you refuse to acknowledge
despite the evidence
despite the words
I should let it be.
Too long did I repress this
too long did I hide
So I did not hurt the two of you.
My strength is not yours.
I will not be the strong man
take umbrage
hide your face in fear
just know
I no longer care.
I finally faced my purgatory.
I finally faced my fear.
Walking through the fires of hell
coming out the other side.
Oct. 17/18
Photo by Michael Held on Unsplash

Love True (Another Love Poem)

eyes brimming with tears
you gently caress my cheek.
Lips tremble
as your hand slides around my neck.
Pull me close
body to body
searing heat
legs crumple
you need to catch me.
Hands slide
silken skin
clothes shed
falling to the floor
as we
fall into bed.
Kisses passionate
a burning flame
an ache
a desire
a need
to fill that space.
discovering one another
falling in love
with joy
with care
with our differences
what once was known
from relationships past
has been proven false.
Oct. 17/18
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
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