Silent Times

I live in my head.
At times it can be
too much
too little
a constant stress for me.
I write words so beautiful
yet when I am called upon
there is no eloquence
no ability
to not stumble over my tongue.
I know it is intense.
Were you to have a glimpse
see within
the way sparks fly
not one thought
sticking to me
you may run in fear.
When I become too tired
unable to contain
I retreat into silence
shutting down
blocking everything out
for if I do not
insane I will be.
Oct. 22/18
Photo by Wei Ding on Unsplash

Pretty Colors: Plain Jane

***This is the start of a story poem. I really enjoyed writing it.***

Pretty colors
dance along the walls
eyes following
seeing insanity written.
the list goes on.
Emotions I feel
when the pills run out
and the little girl comes out to play.
Locked in a cell
thinking I have no escape
’til along came my other half
the badass bitch.
Compared to me
Plain Jane.
With the wave of her hand
the lock clicks free
I am able to follow
ready to run through the night.
I feel myself fading
as I become a part of Badass Jane
I was in for some fun.
Sept. 6/18
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