Untitled Love Poem #1

desert bowl
sand in the air
rain has been a long time coming.
Cornrows bow their laden heads
beneath the summer sun.
torrents falling
awakening parched soil
creating an oasis.
it has broken
everyone looks to the heavens and prays.
Violent boom
bolts of lightening
rage across the sky.
a taste on the tongue
two bodies becoming one.
entwined in each other
into her ear
he whispers
‘I have missed you
my love.’
Gentle smile
pull him closer
lifting her hips
they lose themselves
lips meeting
soft sighs.
They come together
two who are one
made whole
neither wanting to part again.
Nov. 10/18

Author: Jay-lyn Doerksen

A single hard working mom of a soon to be teenage son. A poet and story teller I have wanted to write since I was a child. This space is where I share stories about myself and my life and the creative poetry that stirs my soul. My hope is you will pull up a chair and a cup of coffee delving into the world that I offer and you find simple enjoyment for a few moments. Welcome to The Wonderful & Wacky World of One Single Mom

14 thoughts on “Untitled Love Poem #1”

      1. Love and passion is where your heart is at. Of all your writings, these I can feel the deepest. These words become real.

        Liked by 1 person

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