What an amazing idea.


Guys, I reached a new milestone yesterday – I have 1,000 followers on my blog and for that I say THANK YOU SO MUCH! Lately I’ve been struggling in life and I wrote a bit about it here on the blog and all of you were so supportive and full of love and positive comments and this is what I love about this platform.

Whenever I talk about my blog and the people I interact with here I always refer to it as a community because for me it is a community. It’s amazing to just think there are people all over the world coming together here, writing, sharing their thoughts, experiences and supporting each other.

In order to show how thankful I am for everything this community has done for me I decided to do a little project if you are all on board with it. My little project…

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Queens of the Crowd

I know what she is like
the little girl inside of me
when hurt
in pain
she hides. 
I work so hard
to not be whiny.
I work so hard
to not be so needy.
I work so hard
to keep the smile of my face
but some days
it is harder than others.
This is the nature of my disease.
No excuses
not going to deny
they are the Queens of the crowd
merely the jester
on bended knee
forever in their sights.
Before I would not allow myself to feel
pills used to numb
to kill
what was going on inside of me.
I no longer do that.
I allow myself to feel.
Wearing my heart on my sleeve
giving my all
sometimes I am going to fall.
When I do
go kaboom that is
reach out
talk to me
hold me tight
let me know that I will be alright.
November 22/18