My Way

I have become lost
wandering a plane of existence
I have never been before.
This raw landscape
spools before me
pathways never taken.
Shadowy beings
lurk in the corners
with my emotions
with my thoughts
Silver clouds
rain upon my head
merging with tears
free falling
over my cheeks.
I continue forward.
Skeletal tree
black arms beckoning
raised against the sky.
My destination.
My way out.
My way to……
November 30/18
Photo is one that I took Spring of 2018

Author: Jay-lyn Doerksen

A single hard working mom of a soon to be teenage son. A poet and story teller I have wanted to write since I was a child. This space is where I share stories about myself and my life and the creative poetry that stirs my soul. My hope is you will pull up a chair and a cup of coffee delving into the world that I offer and you find simple enjoyment for a few moments. Welcome to The Wonderful & Wacky World of One Single Mom

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