Next Fix

Dreams scattered
shot up
carved away
lies told
to starve the pain.
Litter in an alley
in cheap liquor
to subdue shrill shrieks of
Dozens of men.
No longer do they
fall at her feet.
They throw dollar bills
earn enough
to buy that next feed.
Hunger like an animal
clawing internal
spiraling through skin
til creepy crawlies
snake their way out.
Felt all over her body.
hollow eyes stare out the window
slack mouth
only desire…..
her next fix.
December 21/18

Author: Jay-lyn Doerksen

I am a single hard working mom in her 40's. I have always written poetry and I love words. I live with depression and its ups downs. This is a space where I can create and write all that I need to.

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