Bombs Away

Despite the fact that my title is a little light hearted what occurred was not. All I can say is I am thankful that T was a little shit this morning and we were running behind schedule.

As we sat in the drive-thru at Tim’s my phone started to ring. At first I was confused and then realized it was my ringtone going off. Grabbed my phone saw it was from the school division and answered. I will admit to some confusion because it was not 9 yet….they should not have been calling me. Also it was coming from the school division rather than the school.

I answered. Yes I know that it is illegal but I was in a drive thru. With the phone to my ear listening. And my heart stopped.

We live in a safe city. Not that there is not crime there is but we are Canadian. We do not worry about bombs or school shootings. Our city still has a small town feel to it. I do believe our high school was shut down once last year due to a ‘gun’ being seen/talked about in school. Nothing more.

So when I answered the phone to an automated message that T’s school had received a bomb threat I listened. Bomb was to be detonated at noon. RCMP were on site. A search was on. I hung up and burst into tears.

Yes, T was sitting right next to me. I am sure he was delighted that the morning was going to be spent at home. Given that he had been begging to stay home with me. Today is my day off.

I live in a bubble. Well not a bubble, given that I am aware of world issues, I am not stupid enough to think that crime does not happen here, but we watch the news from the states and think, ‘not here, not at my child’s school.’ Well it happened at my child’s school and my heart stopped. I would have been freaking right out had I already dropped T off at school and received the message when I got home.

I received no less than 5 phone calls and 5 emails updating me on the situation. And they even numbered them. The school moved the kids to a safe location. The staff and bus drivers were willing to wait with the students no matter how long it took. By message 4 they indicated where the kids were and parents could come and pick them up. Children would have to be signed out.

A suspect had been identified. It turned out to be a student hoax. The thought had crossed my mind that maybe some kid had a test but didn’t want to take… they called in a bomb threat.

T did not go to school even after the all clear was sounded. He told me he was scared. How could they be sure it was a hoax? What if there were other people involved? He did not want to blow up. Was he playing on my emotions? I don’t know. But I do know that I was not going to stress him out by making him go to school.

I can not even begin to imagine what parents whose children are involved in school shootings go through. My heart stopped. T is my world. My sun. My moon. My stars. And this when he was sitting right next to me. Reality is beginning to rise it’s head, no longer is the city I live in safe.

I have been weepy today. I hate sometimes that my imagination is so good as it is……

I can imagine anything. In vivid detail. To my detriment….I can make myself cry with what I imagine. What if……

I am glad that it was determined to be a student hoax.

I am glad that I had T home with me.

I am scared of what will come.

This is only the beginning……

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Author: Jay-lyn Doerksen

I am a single hard working mom in her 40's. I have always written poetry and I love words. I live with depression and its ups downs. This is a space where I can create and write all that I need to.

22 thoughts on “Bombs Away”

  1. It is a crazy world we live in.
    How lucky for you that T was still home and you had the day off.
    As a mother, I can only begin to imagine the pain of parents whose kid’s schools are involved in violence.
    May God keep all kids safe.
    Now and forever.

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    1. I hear you on that one. Parents live in terror of something happening to their children and it is a crappy way to have to live. Let alone practice drills so kids know what to do in the event of… is a sad world we live in when this even has to be said….when did we forget to allow our children to be innocent and just kids?


  2. Our high school has had a bomb/shooting threat every year since we moved here. Two of the threats were quite real. One kid made pipe bombs, then two years later his brother did the same thing and brought it to school. Last year, the high school had a shooting threat on the same day the 8th grade had a threat. Turned out the 8th grader orchestrated the whole thing, had nearly a dozen guns, and was friends with my son. This school year so far we have had police get called to the high school for a small riot, a fire bug, assaults, and we’re just waiting for a shooting threat to get called in. It’s just a sad part of life now. I can’t imagine what the kids feel like in the metro cities with metal detectors and security guards at the outside doors. Most schools now have two sets of doors before you can get near the students. You couldn’t pay me enough to be a school secretary.

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    1. The city I live in is very religiously centered (hard for a lapsed Catholic who is more in tune with mother nature and her own evil side 😈😈) this is hard to fathom. My heart stopped. I hung up the phone like I could deny the voice. I was terrified and like I said he was sitting right next to me.

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  3. Unfortunately these things have been happening for a long time. I remember a bomb threat at our middle school in a little town in NH. These days kids are seeing the posts on social media and then they think they should do it. It’s frustrating!

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