Recently Chuck over at The Reluctant Poet got into touch with me and provided me with a word…..darkness. Said to think about how I felt about it. What it meant to me. The following is the poem that came out of it. I sent off to Chuck who read and added some thoughts. I think that we came up with something awesome. If you have a chance please mosey on over and check out his blog.

Within her
a wellspring
of love
Within him
a void
no love
no hope
no empathy.
How they came to be
will never be understood.
A mystery.
How they fell apart
a tale as old as the day.
Another tragedy.
No happily ever after.
No Cinderella story
They danced beneath moonlight
they played beneath summer skies
a romance
a love affair
written in the stars.
A fantasy.
meant to be
This ending…..
so sad.
She saw the darkness 
within his inabilities.
But hid from the realities 
loving  him anyway.
Her heart swelled
her eyes teared
as she gave him 
her truth…..
only to see it 
thrown in her face.
the dawn finds her
Darkness falls.
Midnight black.
Pills in hand….
Giving into her demons
killing the pain
the only way she knew how.
Escaping her demons
she surrendered.
A broken prison
heart wrenched.
Ravaged heart.
Passion gone.
All her dragons released.
She soared on devil’s wings
pain no longer a fear
gently lulled
a lull-a-bye
singing in her head.
Darkness falls.
No longer peaceful
she hides in a fog.
Too late
no chance for change.
With her last breath
she cursed him
to never find light again.
Originally written January 28/19
Posted March 5/19
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