Locked within her own mind
games played
voices heard
vacant look upon her face
no one knows
no one will ever learn
the truth that she holds.
Evil roams the world
hidden behind
which when stripped away
reveal the monstrous face
vicious fangs
violent words
beating constantly
upon her body
upon her mind
upon her soul.
Yearning for protection
for rescue
from those who misuse
violate her trust
her body
her very sense of being
knowing that the day will come
when all she will have
is herself to rely on.
Come the day
it will burn bright
to scour…..
to purge…..
to cleanse…..
while she stands under the moonlight
listening to the bastards scream
as the fire washes them clean.
March 8/19
Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash
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