Mad Maiden

Boil Boil
toil and trouble
what goes in the witch’s brew?
Eye of newt
toad’s tail
and a little bit of you.
Laid upon the laboratory table
struggle not
the binds that tie
will not let you loose
you are compelled to me.
Sulphuric smell
ponds of lava
glittering hues
you thought I was kidding
when I waylaid you.
Now though
you know the dismal truth
I am the huntress
with you being my prey.
We danced a beautiful dance
‘neath the wicked moon
until true colors bled through
from you to me.
I tried so hard 
calm the blood lust
never let you see
matter over mind
mind over matter
neither applies to me.
Cold grey eyes
pleading greens
ignoring the pitiful pleas.
Select the scalpel
razor’s edge 
slip beneath your skin
screaming mania
I will do what I please.
Blood drips
gore on the floor
pitch the pieces to the cauldron
this will do
for I have rid the world of you……
tried and failed on me
guess you should have listened
when I told you 
I was really
bad for you.
March 22/19
Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay
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