Picture Prompt #9

I beseech thee…..
look into mine wounded eyes
scarlet trails
trace the curve of my porcelain cheek.
Mask made
never moved
I yearn
I cry
I am in anguish.
See me standing here…..
a phantom
a specter 
haunted ghost
haunted by the living
I fear the worst.
Never have I recovered…..
Never will I recover from you…….
heart battered
heart shattered
want to scream you name
howl your deception
to the full moon.
I gather close 
the left over parts of me
hoping to hold 
remake myself
in the face of thee.
Look into mine eyes
share the wounding
the shortness of breath
yawning black pit
find yourself locked back in hell…….
sharing a cage with me.
April 16/19
Picture found by John of The Eclectic Contrarian on Pinterest.
While some might wonder about the use of this picture I actually started this poem last night and when I saw this picture this morning for some reason it is absolutely perfect to me.
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