Forever Lost

crossroads in the distance
only wanting to escape
to be free
unwrap the cords that bind you to me.
Should have been a partnership
a relationship we both wanted
until it became a fear
a terror
causing me to run into the night
forever looking back
praying never discover my flight.
melded together to look like love?
You hurt me like no other
pain searing the surface of my heart
wrenching free trust
blind eyes can no longer be turned
tears leaving a trail of heartbeats behind me
enough to track me
if only you really cared.
That is the rub is it not?
You told me you loved
you told me you cared
you told me…..
that forever I would be yours.
Liar Liar
pants on fire…..
do not mind
watch as I skewer my heart
roast it over the fire
burnt ash
forever bitter in your mouth.
No home is left for me
no place to hang my hat
to shelter my soul
vagabond I have become
traveller on the road
forever hidden
forever on the run.
©May 16/19
Picture via Pinterest