dark fog
unable to see my hand
in front of my face.
rain slicked stairs
shivering with cold
with wonder
at what I am going to find.
Steps rise forever
or so it seems
for when I gaze above
none can be seen.
The sun
it never rises
never baths my face
in warmth
melting the ice
with which I am encased.
falling to my knees
cannot wait
must move
or I will be returned.
I climb
knees bloodied by the stones
hands scraped from seeking
nails torn from digging
leave a marked trail behind.
I claw myself over the edge
eyes blinded by light
I squint looking upwards
only to begin my descent.
I should have listened.
I should have heard.
You told me
created for me
I could never escape.
Huddled against the wall
screaming into the night
sadistic chuckle…..
here we go again. 
©May 23/19
Picture via Pinterest