Clickity Clack

***This poem was inspired by the photo prompt on The Haunted Wordsmiths’s Fiction Prompt-June 1***
Clickity clack
don’t look back
you never know 
what it is you will see.
Warned you were
more than once
to not walk these streets
at night
within the dark pools of light.
Clickity clack
don’t look back
you can hear 
can you not
the blade drawing near?
Beads of sweat
glisten at your brow
your breath
caught in fear.
Clickity clack
don’t look back
danger is near
hot breath 
on your neck.
Screams of terror
eaten by the night
no one can hear
and if they did
no one would care
for you knew.
Clickity clack
don’t look back
tempted fate you did
falling prey to the culling knife
pretty pretty girl
warned you were.
©June 1/19


***Today’s poem arose because I misread the Word of the Day Challenge. I read the word as contact when in fact it was contest. From the smallest mistake…..Also this poem deals with sensitive issues.
staring into the mirror
no longer noticing
greasy hair
dead eyes
a wraith
alive in a nightmare.
Too many to count
bone deep
her body never seems to stop
Oh god
how much longer
must I go on?
Tears leaking
salt to the wounds
upon her face.
All know
her stories are bullshit.
Stony anger
when disregarded
their best words
voiced concerns
she turns away
quivering voice
as one excuse
right after the other
fall from her lying lips.
Oh god
at what time
can I let go?
How became the end?
Violence begets violence
all know this.
Something roared to the forefront
a primal desire to survive
when first his fist made contact.
Knife in hand
she carved into his flesh
entering pained data
so much data
stories he beat into her flesh
given back to him.
Oh god
from where 
did this strength come?
Bruise upon bruise
break upon break
nurses cried with broken fears
doctors raged with impotence.
Stoic she was.
Beginning anew
my life is mine again
there is hope
there is healing
never again will I be……..
©June 1/19
Photo via Pinterest
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