Sister’s Shade

**This poem deals with a very sensitive issue. I do not want to drop the poem on you unwarned.**
Her cheek marred
chunks of gravel dig in
tears squeezed from dead eyes
hears the tearing of her clothes
as if from afar.
They would say that it was her fault
that she had had asked for it
her clothing
her mannerisms
that she had taken the drink
she knew the risk.
The world began to spin
dancing lights
whirling floor
the merry-go-round of childhood.
stumble away on his arm
ignoring that yawning pitch in her stomach
fighting to beat the nausea
threatening to drop her to her knees.
Wave away helping hands
promised he did to see her home
her friends warned her
told her not to go.
He had a reputation.
Not secret
she already knew.
He was that guy
with smoldering looks
the one who could you wet
while cutting you dead.
prickled along her skin
rain pouring down
grunting in her ear
telling her to enjoy it
‘to take it all baby 
you had to have wanted
you came away with me 
even though well you know
the drug‘……..
Nightmare under her skin
in her mind
damaged she’d become.
Red light
warning signal
do not stop
do not pass go.
This was not unplanned
damage control
there was a story to be told
a life to be paid in gold.
Money buys leniency
time on the golf course
hot yoga class
finish the semester so as not to fail.
Ragged edged
consumed with pain
with disgust
raging demon reaps…..
consumes another soul.
Her sister’s shade
strange grimace on her face
acknowledges the pain
hand held in shame
she had done that.
Hounded until the Shade had won.
Here she was
coming undone
rape and murder avenged
at the sacrifice of her own psyche and soul.
©August 26/19
Picture found on Pinterest

Startled Epiphany

Suddenly it came to me
smack in the face
there was no where left to run
I had to open my eyes
to face the truth
I have fallen for you
despite my admonishments
‘self do not go there
it always ends as it must.’
Stupid self
did not listen at all
turned deaf ears to my pleas
offered up my heart
on silver platter
oh god what to do?
Come to me my muse
lay down at my feet
while I try to find the words
the verse
to describe you just right.
You make me laugh
never make(s) me cry
(he he I the poet am participating
given this story is probably 
mostly possibly but not about her-
isn’t that a lyric in a song?)
Mouth clamped shut
lips zippered closed
will keep all thoughts
all emotions to me.
We will dance this dance
two forward one back
neither willing to admit
what is right underneath their noses!
©August 26/19
Picture one of mine.
Taken this weekend at Matlock Beach.
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