Signs That You Are Dehydrated

I found this very informative and learned a few things I did not know. Please give it a read.

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Water is essential for life. From the time that primeval species ventured from the oceans to live on land, a major key to survival has been prevention of dehydration. Adequate fluid intake and homeostasis of total body water is essential for human health and survival, including maintaining brain function.

It is important to know the signs and symptoms of dehydration. Here are some subtle signs :

  • Headaches : Feeling lightheaded and having headaches are signs that your body needs water. When your body’s hydration levels drop, it prompts to a lessened measure of liquid encompassing your mind, which shields it from gentle knocks and development.
  • Poor Concentration : Lack of hydration can also cause difficulty in focusing, forgetting things easily and troubles in communication.
  • Dry Mouth & Bad Breath : Having a bad breath is another sign that your body needs water. Because of the absence of water, your body creates…

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Author: Jay-lyn Doerksen

I am a single hard working mom in her 40's. I have always written poetry and I love words. I live with depression and its ups downs. This is a space where I can create and write all that I need to.

11 thoughts on “Signs That You Are Dehydrated”

    1. I have to agree.
      I have been battling stiff neck and shoulder muscles and after reading this article realized I have upped my coffee intake and lowered my water intake. I have switched in last two days and they seem to be unknotting


      1. Hope drinking more water helps with the muscle aches! It is eye opening to learn how dehydration leads to a host of issues. It’s a simple remedy that is hard to keep up. I also have the same issue with upping my coffee intake and not balancing it out with water.
        Happy water drinking and to staying well hydrated!!

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