Word of the Day Challenge #61-Untitled Poem

Dancing along the streets
hand in hand
sly smiles
quickening desire
step quickly
I want dessert.
Undress me slowly
silken wrap falls to the floor
hands upon my flesh
make me quiver
your voice rolls over me
all I can do is stare.
I obey
no hesitation
I give myself to you
to dominate
to care for
to keep safe.
What I am giving to you
the openness
my own self
I have given to no other man.
No one knows the real me.
But you…..
have seen
you have touched
you led me
you have held
you have protected
kept me
wrapped me in love
in need
in captivity.
Words disconcerting
roil over my body
embrace me
I feel it all.
I stare up at you
giving in
allowing you entrance
feeling your heat
feel mine
bodies firing
entwined in two.
Run with me
dance through the night
I care for you
please do not let me drop.
©Sept. 19/19
Pic of me in 2013ish
I think
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