Savage Slayer

streams through me
as I quiver
mouth compressed
for if I were to try to speak
my words would flay the skin from your soul.
How dare you attempt to discredit me?
To take what I have done
what I want to do
spewing false rumors
tried to take me down a notch or two
bring me to your level
I would not stoop.
Your level is lower than low.
Words chosen for you
written down
must practice
so those long words
they don’t turn you into a fool.
(Oops too late
you have already proven that.)
You are audacious
bitten back
choke me
until there is no more
I cannot be silenced.
Roar I do.
Back you into the corner
spittle flies in your face.
hands up
try to placate
while I skewer you
on my worded sword.
©Sept. 21/19
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A Physicist Falls In Love With A Scientist

A beautiful love poem. I had to share.



She says to me

You teach Physics good
You talk elaborately and searchingly
Very minutely you live through days and nights
Let’s take a test of yours
If you find me through
Billions of many lost universes
And those billions of many stars
Between their billions of many orbits
Only on one planet
Through billions of statues
Why is it only me that you have found?

Smiling a bit
Addressed her like this
Probably you won’t believe
But I will prove it to you
It was only you that I had to meet
Give me your hand for a bit
This skin of yours
These pores of yours
Those cells in your pores
Many billions of those cells
The atoms in those cells
Many billions of those atoms
Before these atoms formed your clay
Long long time ago
They lived in the fiery depths of
Billions of many stars

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