Restoration of Self

This poem has been inspired by Christine of Poetry for Healing.

Her Daily Haiku-Sat. October 5, 2019

I saw a young woman
standing beneath crystal falls
head back
eyes closed
cleansing herself of her past.
anger so raw
ravaged her soul
tore her apart.
Year upon year
she abused herself
she took the drugs
she drank the booze
hiding from the truth
blade driven into her heart
time was coming
she needed to mend.
Suicide was not upon her mind
the night it came crashing down
all there was
a howling void
being fed
stop shrieking
stop raging
I can take it no longer.
for that is me
I am all of that
and so much more.
Look into the mirror
see no longer shame
beautiful woman
you have grown.
image old and new
glorious woman
you are renewed.
I saw a young woman
she stood beneath the falls
washing away perceived sins.
Pushing back
long golden locks
I realized it was me.
Forgiveness is a place
deep deep inside
that is where to heal begins.
I grow
I love
I desire
a new life for me
one where I am strong.
©Oct. 5/19
Picture via Pinterest

Hold Me

Nights spelled with desire
mornings soaked with passion
I wonder at this connection
I wonder what it is…..
what hold you have on me.
What is it about your lips
your eyes
the tone of your voice?
What is it about you hands
your smiles
the caress of your tongue?
I bleed
laying on the line
fine line
one I swore to never walk again
yet here we are.
Frisson of lust
tongues dance
intricate language of love
pull me down
pull me back
light my fire
once again.
Drive away dark despair
cradle me in your arms
stroke my hair
tell me it will be okay.
I allow myself to unfurl
to reap the light you shed
seeing finally within
the worth you have already seen.

©Oct. 5/19
Picture is my own.

My Life as a Dog

This is my first ever short story. It was written Sept. 15/82.  I was ten. Weird to realize as mom always told me I was younger. Any how hope you enjoy. And remember I was 10 lol

***I have not changed anything other than spelling and sentence lay out***

The day I was bought I was a puppy. I belonged to a little girl named Jay-lyn. (Me) When I got to my new home I was named Nero. At first I explored my yard. I met a squirrel who said:

“Hi my name is Pete. What’s your’s?”

“My name is Nero” I replied.

All of a sudden there was a cyclone.

“Hurry.” Pete yelled. “Run to your house.”

As I ran a rock hit my head.

That night I had to have a warm cloth on my head. After everyone had gone to bed I heard a scratching noise. I was curious. I went out to the front door.

It was my friend the squirrel.

He said “Under the tree we met I buried my wife when she died. Please bury me there.” With that he died.

I buried him the next day and also was caught in a cyclone.

I landed in Siberian Desert. I was so hungry and cold. I killed a rattle snake, by then I was ten.

I had found a farm and lived there. It was just like home but all of a sudden I had nightmares about the squirrel and home and ghost.

The very next year I wa caught in a cyclone and fell into Oz.

I found a girl named Dorothy crying.

“I lost my dog.”

So I took his place. So that is why we live here my children.

Written Sept. 15/82