Kith and Kin

Once I was lost
a congregation of one
deliverer of evil
reaver of souls
dancer of the shadows.
As a child
sold for laughs
sold for drugs
sold to the highest bidder.
life is drudgery
solid grey
no color
waiting for the linchpin.
blackened bruised
slip from eyes unseeing
nightmares better forgotten
hitch of breath
there are nights I want to die.
came to me
out of the darkness
as I lay bleeding out.
Bound me with mourning cloth
suck solace from my veins
I will become
one with death.
my kindred found
demons such as myself
tainted lips
at last I am home.
©Oct. 14/19
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Scene Cuts: Series 1 – Game 2 – Horror

Series 1 – Game 2

Scene Cuts 12 x12 Art

13th October 2019

Scene Cuts Created by A Guy Called Bloke

Welcome to Scene Cuts …..

So what’s Scene Cuts?

Fair question … and answered very simply – everyone love movies and films and everyone loves ‘ snippets’ from their favourites … those funny scenes, those moments which just captivated you – the clips that you could play again, play again and play again?

Well that is Scene Cuts ,,, scenes cut from a film you like and displayed as a clip.

Twice a week, l will pick a Film Genre, post three film clips and tag three readers who in turn will post three film clips on the chosen film genre and tag 3 of their own readers.


Guidelines: Scene Cuts!

Thank the Selector

Select three film clips from the Movies Genre of the Day

Select 3 readers to take part in Scene Cuts

Doesn’t get much simpler than that does it ……

Movie Genre Today: “Horror”

Salem’s Lot-1979

The Shining-1980


My selection of writers are:

Harley Unhinged

Simplywendi from Simply Chronically Ill

Gary from A Dad trying to cope with the loss of his partner and becoming a single parent






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