Look Away

Beneath porcelain mask
Ivory skinned
Fine lines
Shatter through tears
Smile I do
It is all expected
No tears
No wants
No desires
Forever dangled
Within reach
Violently snatched
No gentleness
Net slashed through
Forever screaming
Hands clawing
Velvet air made glass sharp
Rips through
Soul bled
Howling emptiness
Gaping hole
Never satiated
Words spoken
Plastic salve
Band aid
Barely sticks
Wave of hand
Remove him from sight
For he offends
His joker’s hand
Cultivated to subdue
To rage raw
To finally let go
A petty farce
Look not close
Look not where smile dips
Look not where no light flows
Look away when years appear
Look away

©Nov. 7/19
Picture via Pinterest

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