Princess I Be

you called me
you spoke to me
you jump up
as I find reprieve…..
according to you
that time before
when you told me you were letting go.
You alone
knew what I could handle.
you alone
knew what was best for me.
thought I was a grown ass woman….
Guess not
for you told me different…..
it was up to you
to let me go so there would be……
no hurt
no anguish
no pain?
you disparaged our feelings
said this was not true
I look at you
frown on my face
wondering what is it that you do?
You fear.
You wish.
You plunder.
You are afraid.
Play me a love song
play it true
sorry baby
you fucked me once
you must earn
the princess I be…..
©Nov. 18/19
Picture via Pinterest
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