Divine Executioner

penguin robe
head bowed in devote summation
eyes aglitter
rot within
I love this game I play.
I am tired.
tired of the sexism
Tired of the lies.
Tired of the pain.
Tired of it all.
This time
this era
it is one of the harshest I have seen
which morality’s lack
men slack
wrack and ruin at hand.
a future no one wants to see
branded upon my mind
my heart
cutting my tongue from my lips
spout not the truth
speak not the validity of time.
I am not
moving with delicate grace
gliding behind
dagger in hand
plunging through his back.
Slip away
quiet as a cat
demon’s will done
I have won
once again.

©Nov. 2/19
Picture via Pinterest

False Idol

You talk
with nary a thought of truth
content to rip asunder
a continent.
Speak volumes
mayhap all will listen
falling to your thunderous roar
waddle forward
patting hair in place
put the best face forward.
You are nothing.
A pig.
A degenerate.
A bitter taste upon my tongue
one I wish I could deny.
Your fatted calf
an offering
to gods unknown
for you know
death is riding
high upon the clouds
and you will yield
you will bow
for ignorance
shall be your downfall.
©Nov. 1/19
Picture found in Pinterest