deep rooted anguish
for you no longer care.
Words are spoken
gestures are made
once actions were louder
but silence is even louder
letting me know
exactly where I stand.
You made me so happy.
You made my heart sing.
You made me cry a million times
telling me it was for my own good….
Your letting go
your saying good bye
for how else can I go forward
if I am still clinging to broken dreams?
where light once did reside
there is no welcoming reprieve
pain ebbs and flows
never really gone
lesser for awhile.
I can write so many love poems
I can write so many lyrical words
I can write……
I can destroy…..
I can maim you on paper…..
I can kill you with my pen…..
What I can not do
is kill
the feelings within.
©Jan 22/20
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Author: Jay-lyn Doerksen

A single hard working mom of a soon to be teenage son. A poet and story teller I have wanted to write since I was a child. This space is where I share stories about myself and my life and the creative poetry that stirs my soul. My hope is you will pull up a chair and a cup of coffee delving into the world that I offer and you find simple enjoyment for a few moments. Welcome to The Wonderful & Wacky World of One Single Mom

8 thoughts on “Within”

  1. Been in that place too often, when it seems like I can deal with all but those feelings within that won’t let go…
    and so often, they are the ones that say least truly who we really are.

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    1. Thank you. I sometimes worry that I am not conveying the emotions properly. That I am too simplistic in my poetry. When I read comments such as yours it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling that I made you feel. Does that make me horrible?

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      1. Lol, not at all. Writing, especially poetry, is all about conveying feeling. When a readers emotions are inspired by reading your work, that’s a validation for any writer. So not horrible at all 👍

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