I own You…..Branded

This is the 2nd poem in what seems to be a three part poem.
Please note this deals with abuse and the imagery used here
 may possibly trigger memories and pain. Please read only if
***The series begins with the poem: Ugly Reality
how dare you
defy me 
talk back to me
make me look stupid!
Get over here
in front of me right now
do not look in my eyes
who told you 
who is giving you these airs?
heavy handed slap
fall to the floor
 curled in a ball
tears streaking down her face.
unimagined by the masses
body aches
bones break
multiple concussions
black eyes
her medical records
a tale of agony
belt marks
what did she do wrong?
they see without seeing
yet what aid can they offer?
Reach out a helping hand
abuse never ends
until he is gone……
it matters not
it will be the only way to recover.
Death comes in many forms
wearing many faces
never to be evaded
never to turn its hand
when torture becomes too much.
Cradle her head
life fleeing
tiny cry
there is another
fight her way back.
Bitch you are my property.
You are mine.
I own you.
Never will you get away
I will always bring you back.
©Feb. 29/20
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Ugly Reality

You must hate me.
What have I done?
My body aches
my mind races
forever afraid
I hate that.
Watching every move you make
reading each motion of body
no mistakes
cannot make
for should I
repercussions will be great.
where the heart is
where the soul is rend
hiding away from the world
no one hears my words
no one sees my eyes
dead inside.
Raise your fist
open your hand
cuff the back of my head
love tap
you assure the others
while I look down at my feet.
demeanor has changed
no longer a fun loving girl.
Kick me while I am down.
Beat me while I am up.
Chained to your desires
your whims
my life
a living hell.
©Feb. 28/20
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