New Reality

I am not a first responder. I am not a nurse. I am not a doctor. What I am is a cashier.

I serve people day in and day out. I reassure. I talk. I smile. I smile some more. Reassure some more. No we are not going into a food shortage people. What has happened is that all this panic buying has sent suppliers into a tailspin as they did not have the stock required to suddenly replenish the store shelves. Were you to have shopped normally….maybe a little heavier on your dry goods or frozen but toilet paper? People continue to surprise me every day despite my thinking I have seen it all.

It is a ghost town. Everyone has put themselves in self-isolation. At least for two weeks. What happens after that who knows.

I am pretty certain that at one point and time I am going to be exposed. It has a 7 day period before symptoms start. For all I know I already have been exposed. I am pragmatic. Either I am going to get it or I won’t. There is not much that I can do.

We are washing our hands every 15 minutes at work. They are going to be installing shields to protect the customer and ourselves. Yet another aspect of the new reality.

When H1N1 first came to light sanitizer wipes were everywhere. And stayed. So am assuming that it is possible that these shields will also stay. I understand the need for protection but I am still bothered. We are instilling a fear that I do not think is going to be easily eradicated. Never mind that groceries can still be scanned by cashier but cannot handle cards.

Part of me is wondering how much is too much. How far is too far. In the days and weeks to come we will see. For today and tomorrow I have no plans to go anywhere. I am in isolation with T until Monday when once more I return to serve people of my community.

March 21/20

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Author: Jay-lyn Doerksen

I am a single hard working mom in her 40's. I have always written poetry and I love words. I live with depression and its ups downs. This is a space where I can create and write all that I need to.

35 thoughts on “New Reality”

  1. I get some of their restrictions and new regulations, but what about the big families? The ones that always need to buy a lot more than everyone else, not because their hording, but to get through until the weekend or to get through the weekend? Surely an exception can be granted to them to be able to buy more than the others.


  2. It’s the panic buying that I don’t understand. People seem determined to rush out and stock up on completely random products, achieving nothing apart from causing problems for everyone else. As you say, the supply chains haven’t collapsed and if people continued to shop reasonably normally life would be a lot easier for everyone.

    I don’t know about where you are, but in Belgium, a lot of shops are refusing to take cash at the moment. Pretty much everyone has a payment card of one sort or another and these can be used without the cashier needing to handle them.

    Stay safe, stay calm and here’s hoping we all get through this.

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    1. While our preferred method of payment is cards we are still accepting cash. We are still bagging customers groceries. It is crazy. So so crazy. I will be getting some of the 7-3:30 shifts so that is the silver lining in all this. Home earlier in the day! 🙂

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  3. I was talking about the situation with my manager. When you think of what a cashier in a supermarket, any other store, or pharmacy has to do, they are handling the goods that other customers have handled. So this increase in shoppers means that cashiers as well as the self-scanning machines could easily be spreading the virus. I think it is absolutely important for your safety that you wash your hands etc. But any of us who use a till and handle the goods other customers have handled could easily be transfering the virus to other customers. The dramatic increase in shoppers has made that more likely that cashiers could be a liberal point of virus transference.
    But many shoppers are too worried about stocking up to realize they are contributing to a a situation that could be speeding up the spread of the virus. This past week the supermarkets were packed every day with more shoppers than we have at weekends. There were lots of over seventies customers and family groups and groups of teenagers and young adults. It made me panic, so I am staying away now. I am only going to nip in nearer to closing time when shelves are pretty empty and just see what is left to buy.
    Packed supermarkets are becoming a dangerous place.

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      1. We just started yesterday so will see how Monday goes. My gf was in line in front of me with her husband and I was in my box. She looks at me and says Jay we have sat side by side at lunch. If you have it I have it lol. Girl friends w/sense of humor priceless


      1. I bet! The past two weeks have been incredibly intense. It was building up and up in our practice, but these last two weeks have been astonishing.

        Because everything is shutting down around us, my life is becoming about looking after my body physically and my emotional health so I can be on top form at work.

        Jaylyn it is like running a marathon everyday…so let yourself have extra sleep, eat well and make time for laughing or pampering yourself. We are all “key-workers” and we need to keep ourselves healthy and try to protect ourselves.

        Keep in touch. We need to look after each other during these hyper-demanding times.
        I am off to bed now because we are working Sunday as well – that will be my eleventh day in a row of work (I have seven more days of work ahead before I have a day off!)

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      2. Oh hugs Mel! I do laugh daily. Today Tember made me laugh when he called me ma’am. Reason this is funny because a woman in the phone Thursday got mad at me for calling her ma’am. Swore at me. And my regular customers are awesome. You keep safe too please. 😘💜

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      1. I am in Manitoba and it has been slow. However having said that we are in a State of Emergency. Preparing for school remotely which is going to be interesting. I am not sticking my head in the sand but I am careful how much I read and the sources. Informed without being scared to death.

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