Word of the Day Challenge #100-Untitled Poem

Quiet contemplation
questions answered
as only I can answer them
waves crash to shore
grey the day
bird overhead crying
a solo aria
a call to a loved one?
Stars light the sky
inky black
twinkle diamonds
no more regret
remembered with fondness
two different people
lost in the world
who came together by chance.
Dawns golden mauves
hints of red
dew drops of pink
tears do fall
for I know what I must do
it is time
time to purge my life of you.
have watched me mourn
have wondered when I would put past to rest
when I would come back to life.
They misconstrue
desire for solitude
yearning to be alone
comes not because I miss
comes not because I am lonely
comes from finally being rid of you
your nattering mouth
bloated body
a small smile flits across my face.
Silence is golden
so they say.
for one
silence is golden
when taken away by me.
©April 25/20
Picture is my own
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