Bad Mom Humor

This morning as I am getting ready for work this is the conversation between Tember and I:

Me: I am a little chilly

Tember: A little chilly?

Me: Not Spicy just a little chili

Tember: Mom that is not funny.

I cackled. And cackled. Tember dared me to tell people at work. As I was leaving I told one of my co-workers. The mom behind me burst out laughing. So I am not all that lame.

Picture via Pinterest

Author: Jay-lyn Doerksen

A single hard working mom of a soon to be teenage son. A poet and story teller I have wanted to write since I was a child. This space is where I share stories about myself and my life and the creative poetry that stirs my soul. My hope is you will pull up a chair and a cup of coffee delving into the world that I offer and you find simple enjoyment for a few moments. Welcome to The Wonderful & Wacky World of One Single Mom

19 thoughts on “Bad Mom Humor”

  1. LOL, that’s funny!
    Reminds me of my 3 yr old brother. I went and gave him a kiss the other day and after I kissed him, he looked at me and said in an every so calm and cute voice: “You silly boy”
    I laughed and told him not to call me that, so he replies still very calmly: “Alright then. You naughty boy.”
    And then the day before that, my mother went to tell my 6 and 8 yr old brothers to come and help dry the dishes and the 6 yr old went and hid behind Mum’s and Dad’s bed and said: “I’m not here.”

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      1. Yeah, me and my mother had a very good laugh about it.
        Hahahaha!!! No, I haven’t ever heard of mum jokes before XD I can sympathise with Tember though as I groan and roll my eyes at the jokes my dad makes quite a bit.

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      1. The best response I ever got was when one of the twins fell of his chair laughing, took a deep breath and then looked at me and said: “I don’t get it”

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