Garrulous Regent

head in hands
watching headlines scroll passed
one t.v.
two t.v.’s
so many
with so many different stories
all saying
pointing to the same thing
proving to nations falling
warnings not heeded
ominous omens
lead to dissolution
lead to war
lead to nothing.
Saviour of the Century
cried upon the corner
magic to flow from fingertips
greatness shall reign
greatest sovereign in recent history.
Platitudes roll
spinning through air
translucent in truth
dust motes upon sunbeam.
mouth in melted moue
wailed anguish
baby like tantrums….
People just don’t like him.
Everyone is out to get him.
He was great why could they not see?
Never to acknowledge
fault for disrepair
living in fantasy world
where all love and adore.
When faced with reality
with those not respectful
terrible twos in an elderly man
ugly sight
his vanity panned.
©August 2/20
Picture via Pinterest


Sitting here at 10:14 a.m. enjoying my Pepsi having switched from coffee (not drinking has left me with sugar need) when suddenly I hear what sounds like someone trying to enter the apartment. At first I thought I might have imagined it save for the fact that both Loki and Lucky were staring at the stairs. When I get to the bottom of the stairs it registers that there is a key in the lock and the door has already been unlocked.
In swaggers Tember.
Who was not suppose to be home until early afternoon.
Me: What are you doing here? This is not early afternoon. This is 10:14 a.m. Not even mid-morning!
Tember: Well apparently dad was an early bird this morning.
Me: But it is not early afternoon! What if I had had company?
Tember: Had what?
Me: Company.
Tember: Well I guess I would have made a new friend.
I tell you I cannot make these up if I tried to.
©August 2/20
Picture is my own


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