Missed Me

Tember slept for 14 hours.
14 long hours.
During which time he did not even get up once to go to the bathroom.
Around 7 I went in to make sure he was still alive.
For the last 15 minutes he has been sitting next to me.
Talking Farming Simulator.
A game about farming.
And mods.
And trucks.
I have grunted.
I have uh huh’d.
I went to the bathroom and he followed me.
Stood outside the door and continued talking.
Finally I stopped him and asked if he had missed me this weekend. We did not see one another from Friday @ 7 a.m. until Sunday @ 10:14 a.m.
2 days and 2 hours.
The way he is acting is as though we have not seen one another for a hundred years.
I do listen.
Enough that when accused of not listening I can recap what was just said.
He has been in the bathroom for the last 5 minutes.
Comes out and trundles back over to the couch.
I am looking at him over my glasses as he sits down next to me.
Me: What are you doing?
Tember: Coming back to talk about…..what were we talking about?
Me: We? No we were not talking. You were talking. We talking would mean that both of us participate in the conversation.
Tember: Saying uh huh counts as participating mom.
He is still talking.
About trucks.
I don’t know.
I just love him.
I will leave you with this.
Me: You are not my be all end all.
Tember: Yes I am.
Me: Says who?
Tember: You have.
Me: Never
Tember: There was this time……and this time……and that time…..and that one and hey mom?
Me: What?
Tember: And that time.
I exploded with laughter.
He just asked if I am still listening I had best go.
©Aug. 3/20
Picture is my own

Pale Death of Renewal

Death strides
empty streets
alleys littered with corpses
life so empty
downfall of mankind
so easy to orchestrate
only takes a few
sheer stupidity
always outweighs sanity of many.
Few have been saved
few will return
to rebuild an age
of harmony
of peace
of tranquility
done with removal
of those who longed for war
longer for ultimate control
their time is no more.
Charlatans helped
spreading lies
pretending voice of God
spoke directly to
dictating truths
used as vile weapon
utter disregard
yet still looked upon as saviour
why heads in the sand?
Pointed fingers
wicked whispered word
one here
that one there
come together
plots exploded
now the world is calm.
Under brilliant stars
first night light
aux natural
beauty long forgotten
finally to return.
©Aug. 3/20
Picture via Pinterest
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