And then he was 12…..

Today has been an awesome day.
Woke up at 4:30. A.M. When I could sleep in. However Lucky had different ideas and woke me scratching under the bed. Wooden slats. Why? She was mad that Loki had claimed her spot on the bed next to me. So once I settled in with Lucky on my head and Loki under my arm I thought I would go back to sleep. Not Loki though. He decided it was play time and attacked. Sleep was not returning any time soon.
It is also Tember’s birthday today. My baby turned 12. This is my last year of normality. It is my understanding that as of midnight Aug. 7/21 when he turns 13 I will no longer recognize the person living in my home. (JK)  That for the next 5 years I am going to have to be quick on my feet and ready for anything and everything.
Originally he had asked for a super duper expensive video card and it required another part all coming from the states. Factoring everything in I had to tell him that there was no way that his dad and I could afford that. We had talked though and in lieu of the computer stuff I was going to add Tember to my plan and have his phone hooked up. It is time. I would like for him to not have to rely on others to call me if need be. Text and calling. He was cool with that.
Finally at 7:15 a.m. I could wait no longer. I pulled out his ice cream birthday cake. Yes we had cake for breakfast. Put in the candles and went into his room. I sang Happy Birthday at the top of my lungs. Pinched his toes. Accidentally blew out one candle. He did not move. I leaned in and shook him. Nothing. So I moved the cake closer to his face and said ‘if you do not get up I am going for the spray bottle.’ He squinted at me at the cake at the balloon and grinned. Sat up. Still half asleep. I asked if he wanted me to sing Happy Birthday all over again for him. He did. So I did.
He knew about the phone and other shopping we were doing today so I wanted to do something a little extra. Something he would not expect. So I picked up some of his favorite drinks Worther’s Caramels Reese’s Pieces Jumbo Peanut Butter cups w/Reese’s Pieces in the peanut butter. Yummy. Batteries. We always need batteries. He took the entire bag with him to his dad’s. Including the card that I picked up for him. Have to be careful to print for as Tember puts it ‘mom I can’t read your fancy writing.’ Cursive. He cannot read cursive.
Out the door at 9 a.m. Bank first and that was a delight. Once more was reminded why I dislike going into the physical branch so much. When we got Tember’s new bank card I locked it because I could not remember what password I had created. It was going to be one that I totally would never forget. And I did. First the teller wants to see Tember’s i.d. Tember looks at her and says ‘I’m 12. I don’t have i.d.’ I had to give her my driver’s license. Did I have signing authority on his account. Damn rights I do. I set the account up. Finally we reset password and I transfer over money for chores being done.
Our teller did go one step further. She set it up so that I can transfer money from my account to Tember’s without going into bank. Thanked her and she said something something Cody. Tember looks at her and says ‘Cody? My name is Tember.’ She is all confused. ‘The same name on the account.’ ‘So it is Cre-‘ ‘No it is Tember.’ ‘That was Cem-‘
‘No T-E-M-B-E-R.’ After the third time of spelling his name exasperated I said ‘Just like September without the S-E-P-‘ Finally success and we were ready to leave.
Next stop. Bell MTS. All I care about are numbers. Bottom line. How much am I spending? Thought we had everything figured out when suddenly the phone cannot be unlocked as it is not a Bell MTS phone. To unlock it I would have to call Rogers Customer Service and ask them to unlock it. Nope. Not doing it. I have dealt with Roger’s Customer Service and I was having none of that. So we move onto types of phones I can get for Tember. He ended up with a Gamer phone. It also came with a screen attachment so he can play it like a handheld unit. Very cool. Plus unlimited talk and text. Plus Data. Now though with his data and my data all said and done we have nearly 10 gigs. That took us nearly an hour. Tember was quite impressed that they have wall guns at Bell MTS. Scanning guns that are wired into the wall. He kept going on and on and every time he would lean over and say ‘hey mom……wall guns’. We laughed on that one all morning.
And then we were off and running with our comedy routine. He made fun of his nose. Which is my nose. Which means ‘mom we can both make piggy noses’ out loud. The discussion that at night his phone will come into my room and he cannot have it. Well why not? All he was going to do was listen to music to fall asleep. I looked over at him and said ‘Tember I was not born yesterday.’ Guffaws all around the room at that one. Finally we were done and next stop is Staples.
Arrive at Staples and try to find where the cable is that we are looking for while following the arrows. Success was had. 50′ Ethernet cable to replace the one that Loki chewed through. This one we can tack up so he will not snack on it.
Last stop of the day. Or so I thought. Wal-Mart. I forgot I had to stop in and get cat food for Lucky and Thomas at Pet Valu.
Discussion was had that Tember was in charge of the yes/no when I got ahead of myself. Needless to say he only said no to chips. Everything else made it into the cart. Including a new night stand for in my room and Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleaner. Cannot find it anywhere else. Suppliers still playing catch up from the mass hoarding of all the world. Few new candles. Saw a few regular customers and chatted a bit. Did not have heart attack at the till although it was close. When I was going over the bill at home adding up what I had purchased for Tember so the ex could pay me half I realized that the sofa cover I bought was $50 not the $25 I swear was on the shelf.
I was so excited at first. Set about putting it on couch. It was awesome. Looked great. Color wise. Feel wise. Fit wise? Too big. And I was hot and frustrated from trying to put it on and that was it. Plus the cost. Returned it and received a full refund.
Putting together my table was an adventure. Tember does not have my facility for deciphering picture only instructions. I only did one thing wrong-put both inside tracks on the wrong way. Once fixed everything was tikety boo. I did get annoyed. I always do when I get frustrated which is something that I am working on. Tember called it my mini temper tantrum. Carried it into my room and was pleased. Do I need to move it to get into the closet yes but not much and that is just fine. I now have a place for my laptop. I have a drawer to put I don’t know what into. And a table top for my lamp/clock kindle glasses and my water bottle.
All in all an absolutely fabulous day. Did I go a little overboard with Tember? Probably. I admit it. Tember admits it. He was telling a regular customer it was his birthday and how old he was. Also a few things that he had received. Finishing up with ‘I am spoiled.’ He is.
I only have one child. I only will ever have one child. I am now in a place where I am not counting my pennies every month and with not drinking those extra pennies add up.
Therefore if I want to spoil him I will. Now though should this spoiled child of mine turn into an obnoxious mouthy brat he realizes and understands that mom will unspoil him and take back all da electronics.
I am incredibly proud of Tember and the young man that he is becoming. We have all the laughs all the time. I am a lucky woman to be his mom.
Happy 12th Birthday to my heart and soul.
©August 7/20
Pictures are my own
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