Laziness or Self Care?

Within the last couple of weeks two of my fellow bloggers had talked about how they have/are feeling lazy because they need to take time to recharge. Both times I have taken them to task and reminded them that they are not being lazy at all they are looking after themselves.
Self-care is a relatively new term I think for things that we use to do as a treat.
Now it is something we do to regroup and recenter ourselves.
To be easier on ourselves than the rest of the world is.
And with the business of ever day life we need to take more time.
Time to stop and smell the roses.
Time to stop and enjoy the small little things around you.
Time to stop and not worry what you are going to do next week or the week after.
Live in the moment and love yourself.
I believe that as humans we have evolved into a species that always must be doing something.
It seems inconceivable that we can sit allowing ourselves a chance to relax.
It is something that takes a lot of practice as an adult.
I have become a firm believer in self care.
I am beginning to clean the apartment in the evening so that on my day off or weekend off it is all about me.
What I want to do.
For the most part I drink coffee message with friends read outside if the weather is co-operative on the couch if not.
I listen to music.
Write. (With self care I find my creativity levels increasing)
I watch t.v.
I recharge my batteries.
There is a good chance that the only time I will actually speak is to the cats. (This only occurs on my day off if Tember has not been here overnight)
My holidays are two weeks of solid self care.
People always ask me what I am doing on my holidays.
What I have planned.
Sometimes they seem shocked that I am not ‘doing’ anything.
I explain that it took me 46 years to realize I did not work full time so I could take two weeks and work some more.
No. Nope. Not doing it.
And so many are cheering me on and encouraging me to do exactly that.
Take the time for me.
We need to be nicer to ourselves.
Realize that this need to recharge is something that is fundamental to our well being and mental health.
Do not let anyone tell you that you are lazy for looking after yourself.
For if you do not look after yourself first and foremost how are you going to help those who need you?
Self care is not laziness.
Self care is necessary as is food and air.
Self Care-there must be a national day right? (Hang on going to google this one)
Whatta you know? July 24th is the day.
Mark that on your calendar folks and next July 24th take the day to care for yourselves.
Have a wonderful Thursday loves.
And guess what!!!!!! 5 hours left to work (8 today but do not count it as I have to work it anyway) and……and……and……2 more days til my birthday!!!
©August 27/20
Picture is my own
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