Word of the Day Challenge #113-Untitled Dark Poem

so you thought you were safe
that never would I call
crawling from grave
you tried to bury me
cemetery dirty streaming
gape tooth grin
jaw bone dislocated
clackity clack
I swore I would be back.
did you think I lied?
from me
last gasping breath
your hands tighten
slick grimace
upon lips
slimed with spittle
life slipped away
whitened orbs
no longer seeing.
words begin to spew
warped character
deflect charges
forked tongue
devious nature
tap dance
trading barbs
convinced that none will disbelieve
empathy shown
crocodile tears shed
narcissistic revelation
no one is shocked
at falling lies.
eyes your own
build upon
platform of delusions
papered with self illusion
damage done.
I stand above
savage revenger
dancer of death
upon you
I foist…..
my truth
my reality
my death.
©Sept. 10/20
Picture via Pinterest
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