In My Space-Holiday Diary Day 4

Guess who is back? 
Not me…..
At home…..
Tember is. 
And all that entails.
I will not preface this with I love him to death but…..
everyone knows I adore him.
I missed him like anything during the three weeks he was with his dad.
Even last week when he was here nights it was not the same.
That lasted all of twenty-five minutes….the twenty minute drive and the five minutes after we arrived home.
Despite my fear I did not require a haz mat suit 🚨🚨🚧🚧⛔⛔🛑🛑to enter and clean Tember’s room Sunday.
I went in and began with the garbage.
No bugs. 🐜🐜🐜
Thank goodness.
My biggest fear was when I moved his bed as it is low to the ground who knew what I might find under it.
Put the closet door back up.
Washed and purged his clothes. The entire closet was on the floor.
He is now using his bookcase as a clothes storage with most of his books out on the one bookcase I have in living room area. Bottom of stairs.
Did the bedding.
11 he messages me and says that I can come and get him and his buddy.
I messaged back saying great you can help me finish your room. Left the house.
I needed gas and as I waited for car to fill I checked my messages.
There was one from Tember telling me that it was okay I could come and get them later.
I shot back an lol and I am already on the way.
Little bugger thinking that he was going to get out of at least helping slightly. 
Now we get home and suddenly my space feels really small. Tember is big. He is tall. He is solid. He missed me. So he is really in my space. Talking to me. And making messes. 
No drink in room……suddenly I hear a groan and ‘stupid pillow’. 
What happened? 
The pillow knocked over the can of pepsi. 
The one I asked you not to leave in there?
I thought it was empty.
Bedding and floor wet. 
Bedding now must be recleaned. 
Messes. 🌪🌪🌪
His room was clean for 5 minutes.
5 minutes people!
I left his room walked back in and there are piles. Blankets. Clothes.
I was and still am stupified.
Yesterday he was around.
Wanting to be fed.
Wanting to be……I don’t know but finally I had to chase them away.
Send them for a walk.
Get out of the house. 
I was up at 5 today.
Laying in bed when I hear Tember’s door open.
Light on in bathroom and back to his room.
I get up and decide to shower.🚿🚿
This is my time.
Luxuriating in the hot water thinking about how I am looking forward to my hair cut only to realize I am a day ahead.
Mumble mumble mumble.
I realize Tember is talking to me.
And I cannot hear him between the door and the water running. 
‘Open door I cannot hear you’
‘Cats want to be fed.’ 🐱🐱🐱
‘Feed them then.’
‘I don’t know your fancy way.’
Nothing fancy to it. Scoop out cat food. Put in bowl. Put bowl on floor.
‘Take teaspoon. One teaspoon for Lucky of cat pate. Two teaspoons of cat pate for Loki. Two teaspoons of senior for Thomas.’
‘Ok. How do you make coffee?’ ☕☕☕
‘I will make coffee when I get out.’
‘I want coffee now.’
‘When I get out Tember.’
I came out to discover he had opened the blinds.
Spritzed all the plants (not the outside ones because it was/is too chilly).
My laptop was open and ready.
He had put away the dishes and had scooped the cat litter.
He had not been able to light the candle because the match burned out? Down? He hovered while I made coffee.
Determined to learn the ways of making the magic elixir.
Grinding the beans.
How much water.
How to measure out.
While he waited I went back to finish my after shower routine.
I came out and could hear him mumbling to his buddy.
I hissed at him to leave him alone.
Tember was trying to wake him up enough that he could get into the bed instead of sleeping on the floor. 
For the next hour and a half I had Tember time.
During which he talked.
And talked.
And talked.
He wanted to go for a walk.
He was walking circles in the kitchen.
At one point he rediscovered the chocolate muffin 🍮 he left on the table.
(Oh look a muffin!) 🐿🐿🐿
I was reading emails as he sat next to me telling story after story.
Every so often I would  grunt which encouraged him to continue speaking. Finally at 7:30 he decides that he is good now and goes into his room to play video games.
I keep waiting for him to fall asleep but he seems to be awake for the day. 
I am small.
Not height wise but body wise and bone structure.
Tember as I mentioned above is solid.
Almost as tall as me.
So even if he is standing by the stove and I am by the sink it still feels as though my space has become smaller.
I don’t recall this phenomenon with my brother nor with my ex. 
Having just written that I realize I am not talking about only his physical presence.
He fills a room.
He is loud.
He is funny.
He is a boy.
He is confident.
But there is more then that.
Something I can not quantify or even really explain.
He is Tember.
And there is no one else in the world like him.
I don’t think.
I hope not.
Ummmmmm……if there is and they discover one another oh the horrors…….just kidding…..they would probably take over the world together…..uniting the world with laughter and love…..and fart jokes. 💨💨💨 
There are other jokes but I am not going there yet.
Have a fabulous Tuesday loves. 
©Sept. 1/20
Picture is my own.   
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