Mortal Serenade

black petals
dotting white
pristine blanket
droplets of blood
hunger in the night
calling out
seduction in the night
lead astray
left in disarray
deep in the forest
deep in the night
lusts an evil
to continue her blighted curse.
creep through
axe in hand
try not to trip
roots of trees
bent to her will
knowingly try to trip
making prey easy
for a huntress age old.
glamour worn
sucking in
making them want to seduce
for freshly given
tastes better
then that stolen life force
often she has to truck
for danger is known
so few come
unless stricken
walking passed
with the lure
of Siren’s call
deep in the woods
down by the falls
upon pristine white bed
all will be lost.
©Oct. 29/20
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Untitled Dark Poem #3

Snow drifts
flakes fall
silence all around
I stand there
pressed to side
staring in
family of four
should have been mine.
If only
my thirst
had not been such
to lead me down
darkened path
into arts
no turning back
price to be paid.
I hover
next to your bed
rise and fall
laying my head
listening to heartbeat
should have been mine.
vicious gaze
woman next to you
face to face
I want to disappear her
take her place
You owe me…..
you promised me…..
you left me.
vapor breath
step back
shrill scream
child so sensitive
how can it see
when others deny
even the sense of me?
I linger in corners.
I am a forgotten scent on the wind.
I am a breeze in the dark hallway…..
the nightmare
you swore to protect from
as I stand behind
sending her malevolent force.
You were mine.
I was yours.
She came between
what should have been ours.
Driven in madness
driven in fear
my blood lust such
I called for her death.
In vicious lash
it came to pass
upon myself
a wraith now
haunting you
forever more.
©Oct. 28/20
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