I see London…..

Last evening and this morning provided Tember and I with a great deal of laughter.
Which offset the yelling.
By me.
Because someone would not get out of bed and have a shower.
That was literally all he had to do this morning.
There were threats made.
I was standing in the doorway of the bathroom holding me coffee looking at him as he cuddles Thomas.
He is giving snuggles his butt in the air.
M: I see London I see France I see Tember’s underpants.
Tember looks at me with a wtf mom look?
T: What?
So I repeat it.
M: When I was growing up it was something that we would say to people when they bent over or squatted and we could see their underwear.
We were weird.
T: (mutters something)
M: Did you call us a bunch of pervs?
T: No I said I can see that.
I was laughing.
Tember shook his head.
Last night he gets home from his dad’s and first thing out of his mouth…..
T: Mom my water bottle smells like rotting fish guts again.
I do not know nor have I asked how he knows this smell so well.
M: Okay and?
T: Well can you wash it?
M: Why can’t you wash it?
T: I don’t know how to wash it. Have you seen how small the opening is? I can’t get a finger in there never mind my hand.
M: Rinse it with water. How do you think that I cleaned it? 
T: …..
M: Did you think that my hand could fit in there?
T: Well I don’t know…..maybe.
Tember was a little late for school today.
Only 15 minutes.
Reason on late slip: Mom was cleaning the bathroom.
Bought Tember new face coverings for school and it is just loose enough on one loop while too tight on the second loop.
I tell Tember his nose has to be covered and to make it a little tighter.
He complains and asks how he is suppose to talk.
I shake my head telling him he does not need to talk in class.
Tember wants to know how he is suppose to annoy his teacher.
Told him his teacher would thank me.
As I drive away I glance in the rear view mirror and see him readjusting the mask.
Sent text: I saw you.
Nothing creepy about that.
©Nov. 4/20
Picture found on Pinterst
Pictures are my own
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