Grab a cuppa with me…..

Further to yesterday’s post MIA is this little bit that I forgot to add.
On Tuesday after my breakdown at work I come home and settle onto the couch.
I pull up the employee website to check my pay stub and how many holidays I have earned towards next year already.
Only to discover that I am missing 21 hours from this years holidays.
Which caught me by surprise because I have not taken holidays in the last two weeks.
Not a single hour.
So this compounded all those dreadful feelings I was having.
I spent a bit of time and finally figured out that all my holiday time is there but those 21 hours had suddenly been moved into next year’s holiday hours.
What the heck?
Weird right?
When I went into work yesterday I talked to our Admin about it.
He was all huh?
Left it in his capable hands.
End of the day and he calls me to office.
Turns out the guy in payroll is just as confused.
Has no idea how it just suddenly switched.
They are looking into it but given we know what happened I can still take my holidays in January.
Only me.
This is my new batch of cat grass.
Grown specially for the cats to help with digestion and fur balls.
Works wonders as Lucky has not thrown up a fur ball in forever.
I am super proud.
I may have to mow it soon.
And today’s coffee is awesome.
One of the days where I have made the perfect pot.
Brazilian roast.
Nutty Sweet & Chocolate.
With a dash of creamer. (Double Double)
With a lick of sugar.
Presto bingo a decadent cup of coffee.
A little top of whip cream.
With chocolate shavings.
I would be in my version of coffee heaven.
Have a fabulous Friday everyone.
©Nov. 13/20
Pictures are my own.
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